Evaluate RISC-V Core IP

Try out RISC-V Core IP without any hassle.

Start your development immediately! We’re making it super easy for you evaluate RISC-V and SiFive RISC-V Core IP. We offer two complementary flows, depending on what you’d like to evaluate.

Both are free, and both are available immediately. No sales calls. No “approval process”. Simply click and download!

Download our FPGA bitstream and evaluate the RISC-V Core IP on actual hardware. Develop and benchmark your programs, evaluate the RISC-V SDK and toolchains, and see for yourself the code efficiency, performance benefits, and maturity of the solution.

For ASIC developers, get immediate access to evaluation RTL. Simulate it within your system. The fully functional and synthesizable RTL lets you determine the actual size, power, and performance for your product.