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E31 RISC-V Core

SiFive’s E31 RISC-V Core is the world’s most deployed RISC-V core. Co-designed alongside the RISC-V ISA, the E31 takes maximum advantage of the RISC-V ISA, resulting in an ultra-power-efficient core that delivers the high performance needed for tomorrow’s smart IoT, wearables, and embedded microcontrollers.

E51 RISC-V Core

SiFive’s E51 RISC-V Core is a 64-bit embedded processor, fully compliant with the RISC-V ISA. An extremely small-footprint, low-power design makes the E51 ideal for devices that require a tiny system controller for housekeeping, security, or host processing within a larger 64-bit SoC. An extended memory map of 40 physical address bits also makes the E51 a great solution for SSD controllers and networking applications.