The Freedom Development Kits are the ideal way to start software development for the RISC-V ecosystem. By developing on SiFive’s Freedom platforms, developers can ensure software compatibility between today’s development activity and tomorrow’s custom silicon. With a wide variety of expansion capabilities and continued updates and feature enhancements, these platforms are a great way to prototype, benchmark, and develop for the Freedom Platform.

Freedom Everywhere

The HiFive1 is an Arduino-Compatible development kit featuring the open-sourced Freedom Everywhere 310 (FE310), the industry’s first commercially available RISC-V SoC. The FE310 features the SiFive E31 Coreplex, a high-performance 32-bit RV32IMAC core running at 320+ MHz.

The HiFive1 is also the first RISC-V based development board in the market. This board is ideal if you are: a software developer who wants to develop on RISC-V, a Hacker or Maker who wants an Arduino-Compatible RISC-V board, a system architect who wants to customize their own microcontroller, or simply want to learn more about RISC-V and support open-source chips and hardware!

Freedom U500 VC707 FPGA Dev Kit

The Freedom U500 VC707 FPGA Dev Kit is the most powerful way to prototype and develop for RISC-V. Featuring SiFive’s U5 Coreplex, the world’s most advanced RISC-V CPU, this kit is the ideal way to start developing advanced OS capabilities and software applications. This development kit also features high speed serial interfaces allowing for system prototyping with PCIe, USB, or GbE interfaces.

The VC707 FPGA Dev Kit consists of the Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit plus many optional components.

The following components may be optionally purchased to enhance your prototype or development capabilities. For more details on each of the optional components, please read the Freedom U500 VC707 FPGA Getting Started Guide.
  • This daughter board for the VC707 enables a PCIe slot by bonding out the FPGA transceivers to a PCIe slot and providing PCIe REFCLK.
  • A Max Expansion uCube3 PCIe switch can be added to the system to extend the number of PCIe slots from 1 to 5, supporting additional PCIe development.
Freedom E300 Arty FPGA Dev Kit

The Arty FPGA Dev Kit is an extremely economical ($99) way to jump start your development on RISC-V. When configured as the open-sourced Freedom E310, you’ll be able to prototype with SiFive’s E31 Coreplex and debug C and/or RISC-V assembly programs.

  • The Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H is a hardware JTAG debugger. The Freedom E300 Arty FPGA Dev Kit has a standard JTAG debugging interface, and the tools included with the Freedom E SDK have been tested using the Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H.